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Our Mission

We provide quality education with a special focus on empowering vulnerable groups, to promote the development of the communities in which we work. All our projects contribute to the fulfillment of: 
Children and youth at-risk

We work to provide life-changing quality education to children and youth at-risk of socio-educational esclusion all over the world.

Gender Equality

We work every day to ensure that all our beneficiaries can exercise their rights and abilities to live in conditions that allow their full personal development.


We promote environmental, economical and social sustainability to ensure the self sufficiency of our projects. The personnel involved in our projects is almost 100% local.

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Iban: IT52 R056 9603 2070 00007241X70

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What we do

We provide effective and innovative programs which respond to a vast erray of local needs as they relate to children and youth at-risk.

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