THE EARTH IS FILLED WITH LIFE. How will we protect it?

Every year, as part of our commitment to schools, we promote a campaign for global citizenship education for students of all ages. This year, we propose the campaign "The Earth is filled with Life. How will we protect it?" promoted by a network of Claretian, Marist, and Lasallian NGOs.

The activities focus on Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) number 15 of the United Nations' Agenda 2030: Life on Land. Through workshops, games, and videos, we invite students to reflect on the protection of biodiversity and terrestrial ecosystems, the importance of forests, what desertification is, and how to combat it for the future of the planet and its inhabitants.

The Earth is filled with Life. How will we protect it ?

This campaign will also support a solidarity project to plant trees in Burkina Faso.
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