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IBAN: IT52 R056 9603 2070 00007241X70

Please don’t forget to add your email with the payment reason so we can confirm the donation and thank you!

greater commitment

Whether you're an individual or you represent a company, contact us to support a project and start a collaboration that will brighten the hearts of children and youth at risk of social and educational exclusion.

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Your bequest to the La Salle Foundation is the promise of a brighter future for the most vulnerable children worldwide.

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1. Why donation is importan?

With your donation, you partner with us to ensure educational access for school children. You enable young people to prepare for their future. You contribute to create equal and fair society, composed by educated people, aware of their rights. And you transform individual lives for the better.

2. are donation fees tax deductible?

Because of its location, the La Salle Foundation can offer tax deductibility only in Italy. If you live outside of Italy, we can work with you to find a Lasallian partner in your home country to facilitate a tax-deductible donation in support of the global Lasallian mission.

3. How will my donation support education?

Your donation provides quality education to the underserved. With your help, marginalized and excluded children and youth can receive the education and expertise necessary to realize their potential. As contributory members of society, their knowledge will help advance their local communities. In this way, education can have a transformational impact far beyond the classroom!