Fratelli Project

Saida and Beirut, Beirut and South District, Lebanon.

The Fratelli Project is a “beyond the borders” inter-congregational initiative shared with the Marist Brothers. The program, located in Saida’s outskirts and Beirut, welcomes refugee children who have fled from the war in Syria and from religious persecution in Iraq. It provides education for those who would not otherwise have access to formal instruction and for those who have experienced trauma, as well as promoting insertion in public schools which have dedicated programs through the preparatory program (A.L.P.) Beyond looking after the youngest children, the project offers courses in literacy, information technology and sewing to young adults, with particular attention given to the inclusion of mothers of students who participate in the project activities. In this way, the accepting environment, respectful of the rights of all children that is embraced during the Fratelli Project, continues on at home.