Let’s plant seeds to sow the future!

Every year, as part of our commitment to schools, we promote workshops on education to development for students of all ages.

This year, we have promote the “Let’s plant seeds
to sow the future campaign, promoted by a network of Claretians, Marists, and Lasallians NGOs. The campaign focuses on Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs): SDG 7: Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy
for all, and SDG 13: Take urgent action to
combat climate change and its impacts

There are indisputable links between these two goals. In order to curb the climate emergency caused by the greenhouse effect, we need to focus on clean and renewable energies. By doing this, we can embrace our role in caring for the planet and supporting the full development of all forms of life, including human life.

For our organizations, it is critical to confront two of the most urgent problems facing our planet: climate change and the excessive use of highly polluting and resource-limited fossil fuels.

For more information please contact lballerini@lasalle.org

2020-2021 Education for Sustainable Development Campaign

EDUCATION let’s build our future together

2019-2020 Education for Sustainable Development Campaign

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